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Decreased muscle mass/strength

July 27, 2022

Gain muscle mass

A decrease in muscle mass isn't just physically noticeable; You may notice a difference in other aspects of your life including: feeling sluggish throughout the day, lack of progression in your workouts, feeling of weakness and less mobility. With our customized hormone replacement treatments, you will be able to increase muscle mass and maintain the strength needed to reach your physical goals.

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Decreased muscle mass/strength

Testosterone is thought to cause people to "bulk up" which may not be your specific goal, but our customized plans will help increase muscle while keeping you looking like your true self.

While a decrease in muscle mass may show in various way for different people, improving this condition will definitely having you feeling more strong and youthful allowing for you taking on more activities and adventures that life has to offer.

What to know about

Decreased muscle mass/strength

Testosterone is known to build muscle mass, but too little testosterone converts muscle into fat.

If you are overweight, improving nutrition and doing approximately 2-3 strength training exercises each week will aid in improving muscle mass.

Strive for 7-9 hours of sleep nightly as too little sleep has been found to decrease testosterone and negatively affect the amount of muscle on your body.

Avoid processed foods and eat more whole foods to help keep your muscles healthy and strong.

treatments for

Decreased muscle mass/strength

Everyone's concerns vary, but that is why the combination of our detailed tests, comprehensive treatment plans, highly-trained providers will work together to provide you with unmatched care and an improved quality of life.

Doing your part to live a healthy and active lifestyle along with our custom Testosterone Replacement Therapy treatment plan will make you feel stronger, energetic, and rejuvenated.

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