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Physical appearance description

Low sperm count / infertility

Thinning hair is often just considered a genetic trait that, as we get older, is inevitable and untreatable. HOWEVER, many do not realize it is treatable! Hormones have the ability to cause our hair to thin and lose their density and/or fall out, and the proper type of treatment has the capability to slowly regrow hair to its previous thickness and length. That is where Dr. Vigor comes in! Our comprehensive labs and customized treatment plans are designed to bring back the fullness to your hair and confidence in your life!

Increased body fat

Weight gain is linked to hormones, specifically hormonal imbalances. Of course, weight gain may cause self esteem issues, but it is important to remember that weight gain, especially around the midsection may lead to higher risk of Type 2 diabetes, breathing problems, and heart/blood vessel disease. Give your body the support it needs to help achieve a healthy weight with Dr. Vigor's cutomized Hormone Replacement Therapy treatments.