IV NUTRItion:  
IV Hydration therapy is an effective method to delivering natural vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes directly into the bloodstream. By delivering through IV Drip, we can assure a 100% absorption of all IV fluids which makes them immediately available for cellular use and results in instant rejuvenation.

  • PMS Relief

    279 US dollars
  • Elevates Mood & Energy

    149 US dollars
  • Hangover Relief, Jet Lag & Food Poisoning

    399 US dollars
  • Hydrated Glowing Skin

    299 US dollars
  • Recovery, Performance & Recharges Muscles

    349 US dollars
  • General Hydration

    199 US dollars
  • Revitalizes Immunity Health

    249 US dollars
  • Burn Fat & Boost Metabolism

    179 US dollars